Case Study: Innovation Tournament


Accretive Health is one of the United States’ largest hospital revenue cycle management companies, employing a staff of over 10,000.  Accretive Health partnered with Try It Now Training to promote a company-wide “Innovation Tournament” which was created to garner the opinions of Accretive’s staff in order to target areas within the organization which required improvement.


Accretive needed to promote the “Innovation Tournament” in a fun and exciting way that would gain the attention of its staff members and encourage them to participate in the event.


First, we developed a YouTube explainer video to promote the tournament.  The video featured a wonderfully hand-drawn “idea map” illustration.   The illustration was then replayed in real-time along with upbeat and enthusiastic narration.   Then we developed an instructional video to explain the more technical registration process.  By utilizing a segmented approach, we could grab hold of the viewers’ attention with the first video without losing their focus.  Our winning formula used custom LMS pages, email newsletters, and promotional videos and helped us to increase the total number of tournament submissions from merely 40 to more than 1,500.  Thanks to our partnership, Accretive Health had obtained a wealth of useful data which it then used to improve the well-being of its staff.

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