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Onboarding: the 90-Day Plan

Project Description

One of the many things we love is to save time and money. For this project, we were called on to help create a cost-effective alternative to an instructor-led orientation program. Within hours we found that their current onboarding process was extremely labor intensive; requiring 10-12 managers to present each month. In addition, there were quality issues as information varied significantly between presenters.

Our solution was to create a 90 Day Plan. The pre-boarding phase allowed employees to connect to the organization prior to their first day on the job. Each subsequent phase (Explore, Connect, and Thrive) was broken down into 30 day sections and allowed users to review online training, self-study material, benefit information, and activities.

Our online solution saved the client over $600,000 per year on travel expenses for this program. In addition, participation rates went up as users could complete their program through their newly redesigned LMS homepage.

What Our team provided

Custom Web Design
Instructional Design
Redesigned LMS Welcome Pages

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