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Explainer Videos

Sometimes a quick and easy explanation is necessary to help clearly understand how your product solves a problem.  An explainer video may be the front door to your homepage, so it’s essential to nail it the first time.

With our talented group of designers, videographers, and voiceover talent we can produce a stunning and impactful video even under the most stringent deadlines.

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Graphic Design & Animation
Professional Narration
Cutting-Edge Visual Effects


Corporate training is vital for any business, but employees don’t always retain what they’ve learned.  Businesses often lack skilled instructional designers and instead leverage in-house experts with no background in training.

Try It Now Training will help you to improve learning outcomes and build engaging training that your employees will retain.

Mobile/Table Accesible Learning
Scenario-Based Training
Knowledge Checks/Quizzes

Instructional Design

We provide complete eLearning solutions using innovative technologies and a fast, yet flexible design approach. Whether you are on a tight budget or timeline constraints, we can utilize a wide-range of approaches that deliver effective and engaging learning.

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Rapid eLearning
ADDIE model
SAM model
Agile Approach

LMS Implementation

Choosing a learning management system can be costly and time-consuming for many businesses and professionals.  You need the ability to easily manage and administer the learning function including classroom, enrollments, course catalog, instructors, and more.  The good news is that training and teaching via an LMS reduces employee travel, optimizes training expenditure and usage, and minimizes facilities and instructors to pay. From the cost savings aspect, an LMS is a no-brainer.

Whether you are replacing your legacy LMS or adopting one for the first time, let Try It Now Training help you to deliver a smooth launch that will set up your company for long-term growth and success.

Content Migration
Social/Mobile Learning Strategies
Daily Operations and Maintenance


Onboarding is the first impression your company makes on a new employee and can have a huge impact on staff retention. With such high stakes – it is important to get it right.

We start by prioritizing opportunities for improving your onboarding process and then create a plan of action.  We then design a new-hire experience that increases engagement and retention.

Custom Web Page Development
Long-Term Strategic Planning
Interactive Program Design

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