Case Study: the Game Center


As active members in the eLearning community, Try It Now Training discovered that there was a lack of modern, in-depth gamification templates.  We challenged ourselves to create a slick template and offer it as a free download to members of the eLearning community.


After researching the market, we decided to base our template on the popular Xbox One gaming platform.  Our “Game Center” mirrored the current gaming industry platform by allowing users to select their own avatar as well as unique page themes.  Users were invited to play a free game and were awarded “trophies” which could be viewed on their personal Achievements page.  A Leaderboard was also developed so that users could post their high scores and compete with fellow peers in real-time.


Since its inception, more than 8,000 eLearning community members have downloaded and competed in our Game Center.  The template is still featured on the Articulate Storyline “eLearning Heroes” forum as a sponsored template.  We continue to push the boundaries of template development, and we remain at the forefront of the eLearning community.

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