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Level 1

eLearning Level 1

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Level 1 eLearning is an ideal solution for delivering simple rules, topics, and procedural information in a linear order.   This level also includes basic quiz functionality such as multiple choice questions.

Linear navigation which allows the user to move forwards from one slide to the next
Knowledge Checks/Quizzes
Basic quiz consisting of multiple choice and true-false questions
Voice-over narration is optional
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Level 2

eLearning Level 2

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Level 2 eLearning strikes the perfect balance between value and engagement.  We use this level of interactivity in order to demonstrate complex topics and non-linear procedures.

Navigation menus, glossaries, external links
Interactive quizzes consisting of matching and drag-and-drop questions
Custom animations and graphics
Software simulations featuring data entry fields
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Level 3

eLearning Level 3

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Level 3 eLearning provides the most advanced eLearning experience.  We use highly interactive solutions like scenario-based branching and gamification to bring your learners an experience that is engaging and entertaining.

Gamification, with features such as a leaderboard, trophies, and avatars
Custom 3D animation
Custom animations and graphics
Complex story branching
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Explainer Videos

Sometimes a quick and easy explanation is necessary to help clearly understand how your product solves a problem.  An explainer video may be the front door to your homepage, so it’s essential to nail it the first time.

With our talented group of designers, videographers, and voiceover talent we can produce a engaging and impactful video.

Graphic Design & Animation
Professional Narration
Cutting-Edge Visual Effects
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